Ghid Ninja - Engleza

To become a ninja, you must play Card-Jitsu and defeat Sensei. Each time you win, you will earn points to receive your the next belt. You can also click the cards on the bottom-left of your screen to check your status.
Anyways, every single penguin receives a deck of cards as soon as they create an account. You can fight with friends but to win, you must know this: Fire bets Snow, Snow bets Water, and Water bets Fire. Take a look..
There are over 9 different belts and to earn them all, you must fight with other penguins and win! TIP: To earn belts more quickly , talk to the Sensei and click “Earn your Belts”
Once you’ve earn the black belt, talk to the Sensei and fight with him. You won’t win the first time for sure, to win  fight with him like 8 times. It’s hard…
Once you are done, you will receive a key to access a new room which is the Ninja Hideout. You can become a fire ninja there but you must be a member… Fire Ninja cheats will be posted here soon! STAY TUNED!
 Ghid  EPF Agent- Engleza

Step 1: Log on onto Club Penguin and click your spy phone or check your mail (if you were a PSA agent). If you click your spy phone, you will receive a message like the one shown below. Click “Go There” and take the test. If you are new to Club Penguin, go to the Phoning Facility and take the test there.
Step 2: Once you are in, a red target will appear. Hit the target with a snowball…
Step 3: Walk to the green base and wait … RUN! Run from the green base to the red base as fast as you can! GO! GO! GO! xD
Step 4: This one is kinda hard. You need to find a place to hide. You can use the spot shown below or you can just look for a new one…
Step 5: This one is EASY! Piece of cake! You need to escape from a laser cage. To escape, throw a snowball to the power box…
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an EPF agent! A door will open and the computer will tell you to use the elvator to access a new EPF Command Room.

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